Seizing the momentum around COVID-19 vaccines and a new visual identity – ‎VIPA Int’l ‎Annual Report 2020-21

VIPA Int’l has published its 2020-21 Annual Report showing how the association seized the ‎momentum around vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) used to transport COVID-19 vaccines around ‎the world, rebranded the association and promoted VIPs as an energy efficient and space saving ‎solution in buildings over the past 12 months. ‎

The use of VIPs in COVID vaccine transportation has brought a renewed focus on the technology ‎and VIPA Int’l has taken advantage of this opportunity with a COVID vaccine videocase study and ‎FAQ webpage. VIPA Int’l further promoted VIPs in buildings with a video demonstrating how VIPs ‎contribute to the decarbonisation of buildings and maximise the available living space.‎

The association also worked on a full redesign of its website, advocated for the CEN standard on VIPs in ‎buildings to be a harmonised European standard and sought new tools for its members to establish the cost-effectiveness of VIPs in ‎buildings and measure the inner pressure of VIPs.‎

Sebastian Baars, VIPA Int’l President and CEO of Vaku Isotherm, said: “I am proud of what we have achieved in my first year as President. We have overhauled the presentation of the association, with a new logo and visual identity, as well as a brand new website close to completion, and have finalised videos promoting the use of VIPs in buildings and in the transport of COVID vaccines.

‎“It is great to see that our industry is providing solutions to the key challenges of the day. Hopefully, this will continue to have a positive impact on our business and make more people aware of the benefits our industry provides.”‎

The 2020-21 Annual Report was released alongside the VIPA Int’l General Assembly on 2 November, held virtually ‎for the second year in a row because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The General Assembly reviewed ‎the activities from the past 12 months, approved the association finances and re-elected 4 ‎members of the Board. ‎

Looking ahead to 2022, the General Assembly discussed new priorities for the association, ‎building on the momentum from 2021, VIPA Int’l’s contribution to IVIS 2021, to be hosted by ‎Brunel University in London in April, silica shortages in Europe and the collection and recycling of ‎used VIPs.‎