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VIPA International is a global trade association representing the interests of manufacturers of Vacuum Insulation Panels as well as supply chain

About VIPA International

The Vacuum Insulation Panel Association (VIPA International) is a global trade association representing the interests of manufacturers of vacuum insulation panels, as well as the supply chain. The mission of the association is to act as the global voice of the vacuum insulation panel industry, promote quality and raise awareness about the potential of saving space and energy costs, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions in a wide range of applications and industries.

The association was created in August 2014 by a group of ten companies: Evonik Industries; Fujian Super Tech; Hanita Coatings; Kingspan Insulation; Knauf Insulation; Owens Corning; Qingdao Kerui New Environmental Materials;  Rexor; Turna and va-Q-Tec. 
VIPA International News
Pouget Consultants Paris jobsite Vacuum Insulation Panels

Insulation of interiors with Vacuum Insulation Panels: the 1 day jobsite challenge! - 29 January 2019

This case study shows a number of trials evidencing that is possible to insulate interiors with Vacuum Insulation Panels within only one day, causing minor disruption for the apartment tenants, while achieving great insulation and space optimization. Read More >>
Grand Tower Frankfurt

Vacuum Insulation Panel technology used in façade insulation of the Grand Tower Frankfurt - 9 November 2018

This case study shows an example of how Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) contributed to insulating the façade of a prestigious residential building in Frankfurt, the Grand Tower, achieving considerable space savings. Read More >>
VIPA International Conference Logo

Full potential of Vacuum Insulation Panels still unknown by professionals in the building sector - 4 October 2018

On 27 September 2018 over 50 participants gathered in Vienna, Austria, to attend the first ever conference organised by the Vacuum Insulation Panel Association (VIPA International). Read More >>
RAL Quality Mark VIP Logo

GSH Press Release: RAL Quality Mark VIP – revised quality regulations - 18 September 2018

Brussels, 18 September 2018, GSH Press release on RAL Quality Mark VIP – revised quality regulations. Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) are high-performance thermal insulation panels which ensure an extreme high insulation quality with a minimum of panel thickness. Read More >>
Vaccum Insolation Panels industry Video

New video about the Vacuum Insulation Panels industry available! - 13 September 2018

VIPA International is proud to announce the release of a new promotional video about the Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) industry, created in an effort to raise awareness about the different applications of VIPs and the benefits they bring. Read More >>

German Enterprise Centre Qingdao in P.R. China built with VIP technology - 16 July 2018


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