RAL Quality Mark for VIPs

Going beyond standards

The RAL quality mark for Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) is issued by GSH, the European Association of Thermal Insulation Manufacturers. The GSH is an approved inspection and certification body in Germany (No. ÜG049) and in Europe (No.0919), being officially recognised by the European Commission.

The RAL quality mark is a tool for VIPs manufacturers to demonstrate the high quality of their products and increase their customers’ confidence in VIPs. Companies using the RAL label are regularly monitored through reporting and inspections to ensure their continued adherence with the quality regulations.

VIPA International and GSH signed an agreement back in 2016 that grants VIPA International members with direct access to the GSH. VIPA International member companies can therefore became members of GSH’s VIP group which is advising and deciding on RAL quality assessment criteria and test conditions.

More specifically, VIPA International worked in close collaboration with GSH in defining a new assessment criteria extending the label’s application to water tanks, refrigerators, appliances and temperature-controlled boxes, as well as to all core materials including fiberglass. The new quality assessment criteria (RAL-GZ 960) was approved by the RAL in 2018.