Saving energy and creating space: watch our new video on VIPs in buildings

VIPA Int’l has published a new video demonstrating the energy efficiency and space saving benefits of vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) in buildings.

VIPs are an innovative technology with an insulating performance up to 8 times better than other insulation materials and a thickness up to 90% less compared to materials offering a similar thermal resistance. They are increasingly popular in the construction sector because of these space and energy saving qualities.

As buildings are responsible for a large proportion of energy related carbon emissions, with much energy lost through poor insulation, VIPs are ideal for addressing the challenge of decarbonising buildings, as well as maximising living space.

Sebastian Baars, President of VIPA Int’l, said: “The decarbonisation of buildings is critical if we are going to meet the Paris climate goals and create a more sustainable future, and VIPs are an ideal solution for achieving higher energy efficiency in new and existing buildings. Since they are also extremely thin, they save money as they consume less space, such as in façade elements, which is especially beneficial in densely populated areas where the cost per square metre is very high.”

VIPs are suitable for multiple application areas in the construction industry, such as roofs, floors and ceilings, internal and external wall insulation, balconies and terraces, cold storage rooms and many more. They can be built in from the start, allowing for sleek and aesthetical designs, or used in retrofitting buildings to ensure maximum space and brightness in living spaces, whilst providing excellent thermal efficiency.

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