VIPA Int’l launches new website and visual identity

VIPA Int’l, the global voice of the vacuum insulation panel (VIP) industry, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website and visual identity, giving the association a fresher and more modern look.

The new website is easier to navigate with a better user experience and more attractive look and feel, whilst the visual identity, including a new logo and colour palette, harmonises the presentation of the association. This emphasises the sustainable benefits of VIPs and the sleek and modern design that they enable across different applications.

Sebastian Baars, VIPA Int’l President and CEO of Vaku Isotherm, said:

After almost 7 years, the time was right to overhaul the presentation of our association. Our new website and visual identity demonstrate how we have matured since our founding in 2014.

They provide a strong representation of VIPs as an innovative and advanced technology that is helping to solve some of the key challenges of today, from the decarbonisation of our building stock to the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines around the world.

Download the press release here.