Vacuum Insulation Panels Applications

Where are Vacuum Insulation Panels used?

Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) are a high performing insulation technology used to increase energy efficiency in a number of applications. VIPs have an extremely low thermal conductivity and low insulation thickness, which makes them valuable assets in several applications.
Thanks to the advances in materials science, now Vacuum Insulation Panels Products are broadly applied in many industries where they were not used in the past. Appliances are still one of the most common uses for VIPs. They are used in freezers and fridges, but also in water boilers and warm water storage tanks. VIPs offer substantial thermal insulation without taking up much space.This means that appliance producers can increase storage capacity without altering the exterior dimensions of the appliance.
The Building application (both new construction as well as retrofits) has been growing steadily for the past years thanks to tighter building regulations at energy efficiency level. Vacuum Insulation Panels are used to insulate floors, facades (both exterior and interior), flat roofs, terraces, walls, attic hatches, stairs, etc. The use of VIPs in building applications is of particularly high value in places where space is lacking given it’s reduced thickness.

Other common Vacuum Insulation Panels Applications include:

Vacuum Insulation Panels answer to the demands of cold-chain transport because they allow longer storage time and safer transportation conditions. Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, the use of VIP technology brings a great level of thermal protection for controlled refrigerated storage of high-value commodities. Furthermore, it also allows reaching the maximum possible available internal volume within any size of the box.
Other less known VIPs applications include automotive and vehicle, trains, ships and airplanes.