Insulation of interiors with Vacuum Insulation Panels: the 1 day jobsite challenge!

This case study shows a number of trials evidencing that is possible to insulate interiors with Vacuum Insulation Panels within only one day, causing minor disruption for the apartment tenants, while achieving great insulation and space optimization.

Thermal insulation is key to reducing energy consumption, as required by the Paris Agreement. However, given that many dwellings are not suitable for external insulation, internal insulation is the only possible solution. Nevertheless, when insulating interiors a number of constraints exist, such as timescale to complete the work, the noise produced, the compromise for the tenants of the apartment and the necessary drying time. These constraints have been solved in trials where Vacuum Insulation Panels were installed as dry solutions in a number of apartments around France. Apartments were refurbished within only one day, obtaining great insulation, space optimization and minimal disruption for the occupants of the apartments.

Florent Loussouarn of Pouget Consultants stated: “These trials show that there is a need for industrial solutions for building renovation and that it is time to massify jobsite applications with Vacuum Insulation Panels.”