Become a Member

VIPA International has 4 categories of association members:

1. Regular members (10,000 EUR), with full voting rights as part of the Board:
  • Manufacturers: companies that make and market vacuum insulation panels.
  • Material Suppliers: companies supplying components and raw materials to make VIP panels or VIP materials (and which will be used in the final product) such as films, core.
  • Equipment suppliers: companies that provide equipment to produce VIP panels or VIP materials.
2. Associate members (5,000 EUR): Companies with an interest in the VIP and which do not fall in the previous categories. Associate members do not take part in the Board and do not have voting rights.
3. Academia (500 EUR): Universities, research institutes and laboratories with an interest in the vacuum insulation panel industry
4. Associations (500 EUR): National or sector not-for-profit organisations with an interest in the vacuum insulation panel industry

The main activities of VIPA are
  • Involvement in standardization – VIPA has a liaison status with the CEN TC88/WG11
  • Conducting technical studies to support the standardization process of VIPs
  • Raising awareness of VIPs
  • Monitoring of key pieces of legislation, participation to public consultations and meeting with key officials from the EU Institutions
  • Monitoring the discussions in China and Japan about new legislation and standards in buildings

By becoming a Member of VIPA International you will have the opportunity to
  • Influence the Association’s strategy and positions
  • Contribute to the work of the Association by participating to the Working Groups
  • Network with peer high-level representatives from the VIP industry
  • Gain access to industry and customers specific resources, studies,  guides and updates
  • Become a member of GSH free of charge and shape the rules of the RAL VIP Label            
  • Share knowledge, expertise and best practices with the members of the association and have a better understanding of the market trends and needs
  • Contribute to shaping the regulatory framework and the standardisation process

The membership application form is available hereTo receive further information on membership application, please contact the VIPA secretariat at