Standardisation of VIPs Worldwide

The Vacuum Insulation panels Standardisation

VIPA International is active in the Standardisation of VIPs worldwide. The association cooperates with several standardisation committees, providing information through the expertise of the members of the VIPA Technical Working Group, commissioning technical studies to advance the understanding of VIPs, improve harmonized testing methods and the product itself. Standardisation efforts are ongoing in the following regions:

International level

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is working on a standard for VIPs since 2018. ISO TC 163, SC 3, Working Group 11 is developing the standard ISO/CD 16478 for vacuum insulation panels. Phalguni Mukhopadhyaya (University of Victoria, Canada) is the convenor of the group.


At European level, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) is active in the standardisation of VIPs with the Technical Committee 88 (thermal insulating materials and products) Working Group 11 (vacuum insulation products - VIP). Ulrich Passon, Saint Gobain, is the convenor of the group. The CEN TC 88 WG 11 drafted a standard for factory made vacuum insulated panels (VIP) for buildings specification. The text is now finalised and is up for voting until 30 July 2020. If approved, the standard should be published end 2020. The provisional text can already be ordered via this link.
VIPA International has a liaison status at CEN and actively contributes to the development of the standard.


The Chinese national standard Vacuum Insulation Panels GB/T 37608-2019 has been published on 4 June 2019. The standard is drafted by Nanjing Fiberglass Research & Design Institute, together with many other institutes, colleges, producers and users over 3 years and will be put into force on 1st May 2020. It includes the range, terms & definitions, classifications & marks, demands of technique, test methods etc. The standard is for VIPs applying to the architecture and industry in range of -40°C to -70°C. It refers to important terms such as center-of-panel thermal conductivity, effective thermal conductivity and service life, which show the key concepts of VIPs to the users and producers objectively.