Join VIPA International

Why join VIPA International?

As a member of VIPA, you will be able to:

  • Influence the Association’s strategy and positions
  • Contribute to the work of the Association by participating in the Working Groups
  • Network with high-level representatives from the VIP industry
  • Gain access to industry and customer specific resourcesstudiesguides and updates   
  • Share knowledge, expertise and best practices with the members of the association and have a better understanding of market trends and needs
  • Contribute to shaping the regulatory framework and standardisation process

How to become a member of VIPA International?

VIPA International has 4 categories of members.

Regular members
  • Manufacturers: companies that make and market vacuum insulation panels
  • Material Suppliers: companies supplying components and raw materials to make VIPs or VIP materials (and which will be used in the final product) such as films and core materials
  • Equipment suppliers: companies that provide equipment to produce VIPs  or VIP materials
  • Universities, research institutes and laboratories
  • National or sector not-for-profit organisations
Associate members
  • Companies with an interest in the VIP industry that do not fall under the previous categories