Insulation of interiors with Vacuum Insulation Panels: the 1 day job site challenge!

The Challenge

The Paris Agreement aims at achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. For existing buildings, this means a need both to increase the use of renewable energies and to reduce energy consumption, thermal insulation being key for the latter objective. Many dwellings are not suitable for external insulation, therefore in these cases insulating the interiors is the only available solution. However, a number of constraints exist when insulating interiors in situ: the length of the works and the noises, the compromise for the occupants of the dwelling and the necessary drying time, among others.

The Solution

In order to solve the above-mentioned constraints, trials have been carried out setting up the Vacuum Insulation Panels as dry solutions. During these trials, the interiors of a number of apartments around France were refurbished within 1 day. Very thin Vacuum Insulation Panels were used during the process (20 or 40 mm).

The Result

Each apartment was renovated within a one day intervention, achieving great insulation and space optimization with minimal disruption for the apartment tenants. The results of these trials show that there is a need for industrial solutions for building renovation and that the time has come to massify job site applications with Vacuum Insulation Panels.


Case study provided by Pouget Consultants