Case Studies - using Vacuum Insulation Panels

VIPA International case studies showcase the advantages of using Vacuum Insulation Panels

Case Study: Vacuum insulated boxes provide the UK NHS Blood and Transplant with a transportation solution for blood components nationwide

Case study provided by va-Q-tec AG.
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Declaration of thermal performance of vacuum-insulation-panels (VIPs) for buildings according to the draft product standard prEN 17140

Thermal performance of a VIP is depending on the thermal bridging effect on the edges of the panel and on the permeation of water vapour and air into the panel while in use. Therefore the dimensions of the panel and the boundary conditions from the application affect the performance. Therefore declaration of thermal performance has to be done by the manufacturers, depending on the dimensions of the panels and their edge effects, including statistical variation of the production and including ageing of the panels. 
Declaration of thermal performance of VIPs for buildings (300,97 KB)